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Need authoritative information?

Your library offers ebooks from trusted publishers in all academic subject areas along with powerful research tools as part of the Academic Complete™ collection!

Search for books by entering a keyword, ISBN, or other terms into the search box. Put quotes around exact keyword phrases such as “autism spectrum disorder”. Or try Advanced Search or Browse Subjects.

Narrow search results by publication year, subject, and other filters.

     Learn more about a book by selecting a title or selecting       to view the table of contents, book availability for online reading and download, copy and print allowances, and bibliographic data.

Open the book to read, search for keywords within the book and jump to relevant chapters. Read by scrolling or flipping through pages.

Create a citation in your choice of format by selecting      . Citations are also included when you copy and paste text, and print pages and chapters to PDF.

Get a link to the page or chapter by going to the specific page (or first page of the chapter) and selecting      . Sharing this link with others brings them directly to the desired page.

Annotate the book by highlighting in 3 colors, bookmarking pages, and creating notes by selecting text and attaching a note. Review your Annotations by selecting      .

In your Bookshelf you can organize and share your research. Share a book or entire folder of books with others, and export the notes you have taken in a book.

Download the book or specific chapters to use offline.

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